Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Good Day...for the most part.

Today both Addison and Blake had fairly decent days (and from what I was told they had good nights last night.) I am hoping this keeps up. We still haven't start steriod treatments yet, but that may be happening tomorrow or Thursday. The Neo plans to get Addison off of the Osallatior and back on to the traditional vent tomorrow and see how she fairs with that before going forward.

Ultrasound reports - Both babies had Grade III and Addison had a Grade IV brain bleed that was detected about two weeks after birth, I am very proud to report that as of today it looks as if these have begun to stablize and won't need intervention. After talking with the NP tonight she said she feels confident that at this point they shouldn't need furture "treatment" in the form of a shunt or spinal tap to release pressure on the brain. Addison however has what they call "cystic changes" meaning that scare tissue is beginning to form where her Grade IV bleed started, this happens but what the impact will be on her as far as development if any at all, we won't know until much later.

Tomorrow I have my follow up doctors appointment and I am hoping that I will be released to be a "normal" human again ;-)

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  1. Good luck at the doctors! These blessings are definitley fighters like their mom and dad!!