Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Infections suck!

Addison now has an infection, the doctor *thinks* it's pneumonia and some of her cultures are showing staph (they aren't sure what kind yet, until they get the final report). Either of these alone can cause HUGE issues, combined it's worse. That being said, Addison is a fighter and loves to prove the doctors and nurses wrong just about every single day. We refuse to count her out...she will deal with this in her own time. In the meantime we will sit back and watch, comfort and pray. She continutes to progress otherwise and they are increasing her feedings. Her brain bleed remains unchanged at this point too. They will follow up on that on Monday.

Blake is...Blake. He is soooo close to "full feeds" of 1 oz at a time. He is also gaining weight and has officially hit the 2 lb mark! The doctor wants to ween his ventilator down and hopefully get him back on CPAP by next week at the lastest. His brain bleed has not gotten any worse at this point, and he has another follow up ultrasound this coming Monday.

As Jake said today for every "set back" or negative thing that happens, there are more positives to find hope and promise in.

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