Wednesday, March 9, 2011

No big surprise...

So this morning while visiting the babies, the doctor said that he feels confident that Addison is on the mend. They caught both the pneumonia and the staph infection in time and she is showing improvement. They increased her feeding to 10 cc every three hours and he still plans to try to ween her off the vent by the early part of next week.

Blake decided that he has had enough of Addison stealing all the attention and is trying to tell us he is a big boy. And how exactly did he do this you may ask...he decided to pull out his feeding tube today. His feedings were increased to 14 cc every three hours (so almost halfway to an ounce), and they had to insert a new feeding tube in order to give him his feedings. Silly boy, up to mischief already. (Just the other day he decided to disconnect his ventilator...)

There is also talk that Blake's PICC line may be coming out overnight (bye bye IV's!!!! for the most part). And they will try this will Addison early next week as well once she is done her 7 day course of antibiotics.

For those who are curious, the babies must be able to tolerate an ounce of breast milk at a time, no longer be on the ventilator and be able to "suck, swallow and breath" at the same time in order to be bottle or breast fed. The SSB reflect is said to kick in somewhere around the 32 to 34 week gestational age (for those keeping track the twins adjusted age is 29 weeks gestation.) So who knows that may be happening in the very near future...Needless to say I am beyond excited about that!

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  1. Great news Melissa! So glad they are doing well! Keep up the good work little ones!