Thursday, July 19, 2012

Getting Back to Blogging.

I've been bad, I know. But in my defense, we've been very busy. I am ready now to commit though. So here we go again.

Follow our family as Addison and Blake continue to grow in this crazy world.

Let's get started with some updates...

May 8th... SURGERY DAY

Addison had her Cleft Palate repaired.... and guess what? SHE CAME OUT OF THE OR EXTUBATED!!!!!! We were over the moon excited about that, that is HUGE for her. And!!!! We only spent 48 hours in the hospital. Her surgeon was absolutely wonderful, and I would recommend him to anyone who needs an Oral-Maxillofacial Surgeon. The time and dedication he took with her was priceless and irreplaceable. He actually set with her in the OR for over an hour because as she started to wake up she was making this "snoring" sound and he wanted to be sure that he could control in and prevent her from being re-intubated! AMAZING. She did so well with tolerating the pain too. Normally they give Cleft kids the hard hitting pain meds but because of the surgeon's knowledge and apprehension of her previous breathing issues and "Preemie Lungs", he insisted on a regimen of Tylenol and Motrin alternating only. All the doctors and nurses commented on how great she looked post op and how they had never seen a baby do so well after a Cleft repair.

Her surgery was also a huge obstacle for me to deal with. As we all know I absolutely hate hospitals, and I DO NOT stay in hospitals by "myself". My mom was gracious enough to keep Blake the day of surgeon and that night (the only time my baby boy stayed overnight somewhere without us, not to mention the only time he and his sister had been separated in almost a year), which allowed Jake to stay with me and Addison. We took turns holding her the first night because she DID NOT want to be left in that crib AT ALL. The second day Jake had to go home with Blake by evening because my mom need to return to work. Which meant, either I had to switch places and leave Addison in the hospital, or I had to face my fear and stay with Addison by myself. Um.... well.... I came home long enough to shower, change clothes and get a few kisses from Blake and then I went back to the hospital where I conquered that fear and stayed with Addison.

The first day we were in a room with another baby girl who had heart surgery, but 24 hours later Addison was moved out to the general Ped's floor an we got our own room, with a private bathroom, and a nice TV. That night I actually got Addison to take a few hours rest in the crib and I was able to at the very least shut my eyes. By the time the residents came in she was ready to go, and they did just that, let us go home.

Blake was very happy to have his sister back, and had lots of questions about her where abouts.

May 26th.... Blake's Homecoming Anniversary

We spent the day together marveling over how far he has come. And that weekend we had a cookout to celebrate both homecomings even though Addison's wasn't until later.

Forth of July!!!! The Holiday I looked forward to since I knew I was pregnant and due in May.

I was looking forward to dressing them in matching outfits and taking lots of pictures and showing them off at my uncle's annual cookout. Last year that didn't happen. Addison was still in the NICU. This year, it was hot as all get out but, all bets were off. There were cute clothes, swimming pools and only one picture of the 4 of us. IT WAS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT in  my mind.

July 18th... Addison's Homecoming Anniversary

We celebrated by cuddling and sharing hugs and kisses, and staying in our pj's in the house where is was nice and cold.

And that is a quick recap of whats been going on. Check back for more updates and see what milestones we are conquering these days. Until then, I will leave you with a picture of my not so baby, toddlers.

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