Friday, July 27, 2012


Blake is a talker... and has lots to say all the time. The past few days, he has started saying "Hellllwwwoah" and pretending to babble away on the phone. He often asks me to "Call (enter name of person he wishes to speak to)" and says "I tawk". One problem, I fulfill his request and call said person, and guess what? He doesn't talk. He will also come running and say "Who dat" when the phone rings, and knows which ring tone is "Dada".

He is also walking... alot... all over the place. PT has said we should practice outside often, which is not fun when it's hot as ever. But it seemed mild today so we tried. He has been walking outside holding one hand but today, he pushed me away and walked the length from the door to my himself. And when I said "Come back" he turned around and walked back. ::Tear:: My babies are growing up.

Addison has been teething like crazy lately and as a result has not wanted to eat much of anything. However I will give the girl credit, she likes ice cold cucumbers. Apparently they make the perfect teether. One problem, they aren't high in calories. It's ok though, I'll take it. She actually eats the softest part and chews on the rest. It's progress. Today is the first day that she has shown some interest in food. She actually screamed at the top of her lungs while I was spoon feeding Blake his yogurt or "ogur" as he calls it. So I fed her some. Blake ate the most but she ate enough that I had to open a second container for him. Small victory.

My heart swells with pride over how well they are doing, but at the same time, I am sad. They aren't itty bitties any more. I can't stand it. I find myself telling them, "When you were just over a pound a peice we wanted you to grow, grow, grow, but Mommy would like you to slow down just a little."

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