Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Happy 18 Months Our Precious Little Ones...

Where has the time gone? Seems like yesterday I was looking on from outside your incubators, like yesterday that we got to carry your carseats out and drive you home. Like yesterday that we were up every three hours for months on end, from doctor's appointments to therapy and everything in between.

But ya know what I wouldn't change a thing.

How amazing you both are and how you both amaze me. They have their 18 month appointments tomorrow so I will be sure to update with offical stats later but I can tell you they have grown.

I know longer see tiny babies. I see toddlers, big smiles, giggles, tears (when they don't get their way) and milestone after milestone.

Where are they now?

Blake: Eats anything and everything. Favorites include yogurt and waffles. Runs Walks everywhere, mostly. Has lots of words and phrases including "Wat Dat" or "Who Dat". Drinks from a straw cup (or any cup). Understands "Come to Mommy/Daddy" and loves to tell you "No, no, no" finger pointing included. Says and signs "all done" & "more" recent words spoken include "Cup" or "Puc" and "Milk". He has started "giving kisses" which consist of open mouth full slobber kisses OR turning his cheek for me to kiss lol. Master stair climber, loves bath time as long as the water isnt running, and will quickly try to jump back in when bath time is over. He also likes to tell me "I poop" and has been known to bring me a clean diaper.

Addison: Still mostly feeding tube fed but making great strides. HAS FIGURED OUT HOW TO DRINK FROM A STRAW (our baby who never knew how to suck.... SHE SUCKED MILK FROM A STRAW). Is eating an ounce to two ounces of food depending on the day. Crusing and finger walking. Has 9 words/phrases..."Up" "Ball" "Baby" "Mama" "Dada" "All done" "Good girl" "Hey" "Hi", all of which have been within the last month. She was evaluated by Speech today through Infants & Toddlers and the request of the Cleft Palate Team, becase during their appt two months ago, she didn't really have words and was doing minimal imitating. Do you want to know what the Speech Therapist told me today? "I am amazed at her beautiful language skills, just three months post Cleft Repair. She has adequet words for her age, and immitates well. I am beyond please and think she is well within NORMAL range for her age of 18 months." Get out of here! Talk about a heart swelling with pride. I was also told once again that had it not been for the medical documentation it would be hard to believe she had a bilateral 3/4 brain bleed. She climbs stairs well but does better when little brother isn't racing her to the top.

Dear Babies,

May you always know the joy you have brought to us and continue to give us. I love watching the world through your eyes. The discovery as you learn something new. The pride you show when you master a new task. The imagination when you play a game a peek-a-boo together or turn toys upside down in attempt of finding new ways to play. The love that you give unconditionally. I am forever amazed by your strengths and how you both over come any obstacle placed in your way. My heart swells with pride every time I lay eyes on you both. Daddy and I are very blessed to have you both. I cannot imagine things any other way.

With all my heart and love,

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