Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tonight's Dinner Conversation...

Brought to you by: Momma's Good Cooking (Chicken salad, bacon, lettuce wraps) & a Daddy who was home from work in time for dinner and before bedtime.

Addison : Uh-Oh

Daddy: Addison it is not 'Uh-oh' when you purposely drop something on the floor.

Addison : Uh-oh ::giggles hysterically::

Daddy: Not uh-oh Addison, "on purpose".

Addison: Still giggling

Blake: Da-da

Daddy: Blake, want some chicken?

Blake: Sit-in (chicken)

Daddy: He just said chicken.

Mommy: Try another word that you think he doesn't know.

Daddy: Ketchup

Blake: Cats up

Mommy: ::dying from laughter, which then causes Blake to erupt in laughter:: Try again oh wise one.

Blake is getting too smart for his own good. This morning I told him I needed to put him down for a second and go potty. It's not bad enough that half the time I can't go alone and when I do manage to sneak away I hear screams. This time Blake replies, "Tum white bock" (Come right back). Where does he get this and who does he think he is? LOL. Oh that's right, he thinks he is my boss. I guess in some ways he is.

And they are using their Daddy as a human jungle gym and continuing to terrorize the living room while "we" all watch Tinkerbell: Great Fairy Rescue on Disney Channel. One thing is for sure... after this summer's busy schedule for their Daddy, I sure am glad for a little bit of family time.

What will we get into next?

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