Thursday, August 9, 2012

Our 1st Familly Visit to the National Aquarium...

Today Daddy had one of those rare days off. So we decided we needed an adventure, and the aquarium it would be. Last time Jake and I went together was for our 1st wedding anniversary (I think), either way...It's been awhile. I did take the twins with a friend of mine a few months ago and they enjoyed it so much that I wanted Jake to experience their enjoyment too. I had know idea it would all seem brand new to them too.

The aquarium doesn't allow strollers, except for "handicap" exceptions. Last time we went I took the double stroller for all Addison's stuff, it was a pain to say the least. So this time we opted not to. I was nervous about having to carry a baby all the way through, but then this happened...

And he walked the entire aquarium. So we were left alternating one baby because Princess Addison demanded to be carried. He is a baby no more. A well behaved toddler he has become, I was very impressed that he listened to instructions and didn't go too far.

It was even better then their first trip. They were so much more aware of every thing and wanted to go and explore. It was the aquarium's anniversary party this week, so in honor of that they offered a free showing of the 4-D snippet of Happy Feet. I was nervous about how they would do in the movie, but it was only twelve minutes long and their were TONS of other young children in the theater as well so I figured it wouldn't hurt. They LOVED it. But the best part was the special effects...we got splashed by a killer whale, caught in a snow storm AND had air bubbles blown on us by the other whales. Once Blake got over the initial shock, they were both in absolute awe. It was PRICELESS. They were both exhausted by the time we got back to the car and were passed out before we even got out of the parking garage.

I have to say one of the coolest things about being a parent, is seeing the world through my babies eyes. Their wonder and amazement and innocent is something that cannot be explained. I will forever be thankful for these moments. And now I leave you with some pictures.

Here's Daddy and the twins in front of Megladon's chompers

And the Bubble tubes

Watch yourself with that camera Ma!

Checking out the fishes....

Taking a quick break

I refuse to look.

The "Amazon" rainforest.

Man on a mission.

Addison and the sting rays.

Daddy and Addison during the dolphin show.

More bubbles.... PS. Daddy is not a good photographer

Stopping for drinks and snacks.

Bearded Dragon, up close. I think Blake wants one.

And a bonus pic. Daddy and the twins in front of the submarine we toured during our Anniversary trip all those years ago.

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