Sunday, August 5, 2012

What a weekend...

This weekend was pretty nice and probably one of the best so far, why? Because we've had Jake for two whole days. We spent part of the day yesterday frolicking around town and hitting up a few stores looking for supplies I needed to help the twins with a special project. We also (gasp!) bought our first Christmas gift for the twins today, it was too good of a deal to pass up.

Here is an out take from our shopping trip...

This is what Daddy and Blake get in to in the toy department!

Today was extra busy too, we went to a service for one of my friends from high school (C), C's father passed away suddenly Friday night. I am all to familiar with that pain and wanted to be there for her.

After that we came home to get dinner together and wait for Grammy and Pop to arrive. Today is Grammy's birthday and Blake and Addison made her an extra special gift. (This would be what we needed supplies for lol.) Take a peek at what we worked on...

That's not the "finished" product but close to it. We let it set over night to dry and harden, but it's a garden stone for Grammy's Garden. Addison and Blake are talented aren't they?

And of course, this has become the staple in this house... A birthday photo for the special birthday person...

As they get bigger it's getting harder to keep them still and keep them from ripping the paper to shreds lol. This is one of the best pictures I could get.

Wanna know the coolest part of Grammy's birthday? The suprise she had for Addison and Blake! Grammy said she asked for a sliding board for her grandbabies...that's what she wanted for her birthday. Blake is a little scared of it, but nothing holds back dare devil Addison. I'll have to grab some pictures of them sliding soon!

And last but certainly not least... We got a heck of a rain storm in the middle of dinner. After dinner Pop took Blake outside for a walk and to look at some the cars... He poked his head back in to tell us there was a rainbow... How peaceful right? God's promise to us. Addison & Blake's first rainbow.

"If you only know what the future holds, After a hurricane rainstorm, comes a rainbow."

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