Friday, August 3, 2012

Remembering where we came from...

Today I decided it was time for a long over due visit to the NICU. Recently the hospital where I delivered the twins underwent some major renovations and the NICU was moved in to the "new" building and completely remodeled. When the twins were in the NICU it was "pod" style, one open room with beds along the walls all the way around. Now they have private rooms, including two "twin rooms". They just recently transitioned and we had been just waiting until things were settled to stop by and visit (and check out the new digs).

The new unit is absolutely gorgeous. There is a nice pleasant waiting room before you enter, and a view of The Mother's Garden. It was nice to see all the great nurses and NP's again and they were very excited to see the twins. They also got a good laugh and got to "aw" over Blake... The phone rang in the unit and Blake turned around and said "Helwoah", they melted. ;)  Once our visit was over we walked out to The Mother's Garden to take a pic and we also tossed in two pennies and made a wish for healthy NICU babies. I am glad we took the time to do that, because as soon as we came back in we bumped in to Dr. D. the NEO who was in the OR with me and on Addison's team. She also cared for them both for a good portion of their NICU stay. She saw the ugly and the good during their stay.

I will forever be grateful for the amazing miracles the medical team there did for us and they will always hold a place in our hearts.

It's hard to believe how little they were a year ago... I found this picture when I was flipping through the memory card on my camera... Too cute right?

And here's one from tonight, they really love their chairs.

Ignore the silly faces, they hate the flash.

Lately we've been spending some time coloring. It's a good fine motor exercise and they seem to enjoy it, so I was excited to buy them their first coloring books. (Note: we are still working on coloring in the lines. LOL)

And here they are showing off their work...

Blake got a little carried away and attempted to eat crayons drew on his mouth. He's thinking ("Great mom, blog this picture, it's gonna come back to haunt me one day...sigh").

I am sure I'll have lots more for you after this weekend... We've got Daddy all weekend for the first time all summer...TWO WHOLE DAYS...whatever will we do?!?!

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