Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Being a Preemie Parent

Being a preemie parent changed me in ways I never imagined. I learned what true courage is. What the fight for survival is. And how to handle things I never thought were possible.

I learned what it was like to feel helpless, and at time hopeless. And how to overcome those times.

I learned that not everyone would understand what we were going through, and would sometimes say the wrong thing because they did not know the right thing to say. They just wanted to help.

I learned that surrounding myself with others in similar situations, other preemie parents, would help me get through those tough times. And it would also teach me about life's biggest miracles.

Being a preemie parent has taught me to never take a moment for granted, and to celebrate every milestone regardless of how "small".

I would like to think that this whole experience has made me more aware, and passionate about raising awareness about prematurity, as well as a lot more understand of people around me.

Because of my own children's struggles and differences I've learned you can't judge a book by it's cover. What you see on the outside is likely only the tip of the iceberg.

I've had to rally strength to hold down my child while a doctor or nurse performs a test or stuck them with needle.

I know what it's like to walk out of a hospital with an empty tummy and empty arms, not knowing if you'll every be able to have your babies home with you.

I am honoring the amazing courage and commitment parents of preemies face by celebrating Parents of Preemies Day on Sunday, March 10th. Find out how you can celebrate with me at!

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