Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What's in a Name?

Ever wonder how people come up with such creative titles for their blogs?

You think they must have spent hours on end trying to decide on a great title that would stand out right? Or perhaps they have an old stage name or nickname that just fits?

For me it was simple. Our Valentine's Day Surprise. A & B were born on Valentine's Day, we were surprised when contractions started and my OB said "Your babies will be here by lunch time," and told the nurse to book the OR. We had hoped and prayed that my body would hold out for sooo much longer.

It's actually sometimes funny because people that don't know us or know our story will ask if by "surprise" we meant "surprise it's twins"... But nope, we knew from early on it was twins, and only one of us was really surprised by that ::coughs:: Jake ::coughs:: lol.

So that blog readers is how we got our name.

Tell me, if you blog too (or were to start a blog), how did you (would you) come up with a name?

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