Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Should We Have Kept The G-Tube

For a little longer atleast?

This question has been on my mind through out this whole ordeal, but lets look at the big picture...

- Blake and Addison both got sick.
Granted Blake didn't ::knocks on wood:: get as sick as it seemed Addison did. (And I have my suspicions that her diarrhea was escalated by the fact that she has a Nissin Fundo in place and there for it could only come out one way, however without that it's possible it could have been shooting out both ends... still not ideal.) But Blake did not need IV hydration. (It did take a lot of syringes of liquids by mouth and a lot of wrestling though, but we did keep him drinking).

- Addison continued to drink, and even EAT through out this.
In fact, she drank so much the first day that it was hard to believe that she had gotten dehydrated  she would not put her cup down. (Yes she too needed a few syringes full by mouth, especially after the initial bout of dehydration, but she was still doing what she needed to do). In fact, while it's not "a lot" or even "enough" for a normal day to day, she has had one and a half containers of purees today alone, plus ice chips and an apple slice or two. Pretty good for a sick kid, I mean come on how much do you want to eat when you aren't feeling well?

- Every medical professional who has seen her since she got sick with this mess has said the same thing... The G-tube would have essentially been the same as what she was drinking by mouth and wouldn't have prevented the dehydration when the end result is that the liquids just won't stay in. Sometimes it just happens and our bodies need the IV fluids to get over the hump.

- She is showing a great interest in wanting to eat more as the days progress.

In the end only time will tell, but right now it looks like we will get through this and come back out on the other side, right where we left off. Eating and drinking by mouth. Yes days like today it would have been nice to have the G-tube so that I didn't have to work as hard to get her to drink. But it's not about me. It's about teaching her to work through things like illnesses with her new "lifestyle" if you will. And truth be told, we've had little bouts of illness before the tube came out and it didn't phase her. Sadly this virus has been so much worse. For all of us - just when we thought we were on the it seemed to be back with a vengeance.

Regardless, we would most appreciate the prayers that we all continue to get well, and that Addison is back to eating and drinking regularly very soon.

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