Thursday, February 14, 2013

Letters to my Babies... 2 year old (Blake) Edition

Valentine's Day Twins

My Precious Blake,

Do you know just how special you and Addison are? Two years ago you both shook our worlds upside down when you made your debut 14 weeks too soon. If you are anything like your Daddy most of this sappy stuff won't be important to you. But I am going to tell you anyway.

Each morning I hear you down the hall talking to Addison. I am pretty sure that most of the time you are in fact waking her up, as you whisper "Addi! Get up sissy." (Yes I can hear what you say to her.) From there I have tried to figure out the secret twin language that ensues but it's useless. I just don't understand. When I enter your room, I get the most innocent smile and a "Mornin' Momma!" Followed by a request to take your blankie with us downstairs.

When you were born we feared you wouldn't make it. You and Addison weren't supposed to be here yet.  I didn't get to see you at 1:11 pm that day. Doctors and nurses took over and moved you to the NICU. But Daddy saw you, and told me just how perfect you were. I met you for the first time later that night. And Daddy was right, you were perfect. When I first saw you, your eyes were still fused shut. You tried so hard to open them whenever you heard our voices, and I remember daddy saying "Oh he'll open them, WHEN I GO BACK TO WORK." And you did. We still laugh about that. But the moment I locked eyes with you for the first time took my breath away. And then there was your first cry. It was like a cat's meow and we could barely hear it over the CPAP, but there is was. It made Daddy cry too! How precious you were (and still are).

We had a whole team of Miracle Workers who helped you survive and thrive.They taught mommy all she needed to know to bring you and Addison home. We visit these special people often and they are proud of how far you've come. One day I hope you'll thank them for what they did for you and Addi too. You were a rockstar from day one little man. And always into something, one of the nurses even named you Rascal, because of your antics.

You have always been a talker. Oh man do you have lots to say. And you are such a big helper too! You love to help me clean, bring me diapers and wipes and lots of other things. I think by far the best thing you do, is cheer on Addison when she is struggling with things. You make me and Daddy so very proud with all that you do. I love listening to you shout "Pirates" and cuddle with your Pirate man. From dancing the running man and stealing my heart. As long as you and Addison are around, there is a smile on Mommy's face.

Make sure that you keep looking out for Addison (even when she gets on your nerves). She'll be there for you always. And she loves you to the moon and back. (Really she does, even when she is tormenting you). Oh and don't worry, we know you love her too. Why? Because you love to tell her "Love Sissy".

Soon you'll be grown and married with children of your own. And I hope by then you understand how strong a parents love is. (And that you never forget your mommy, even though you may one day grow too big for cuddles). Daddy dreams that one day he'll coach little league football, and I just pray you don't get hurt.

Remember this... we love you little buddy. More then you can ever imagine. And if we had only known two years ago, where we'd be today. Well it would have saved us so much worry. Things we never thought we'd see happen, have and then some. Nothing short of a miracle around here.

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