Monday, March 25, 2013

If I Had a TV Show...

I swear some days are like an episode of Candid Camera. If I had a camera crew I bet I could make millions. Or maybe just get a few likes on YouTube lol.

Lately Addison has been finding her way under our baby gate at the stairs and I hear "thump thump thump" as she stomps up the steps. It's usually when I try to go to the bathroom and don't allow her to accompany me, or when I make lunch and don't let her help. Basically whenever my back is turned. So today this happened twice (that I remember) the first time she was all the way at the top, waited for me to get close enough and darted down the hall. STINKER! The second time she was only a few steps up because Blake yelled "Addison on steps Momma!"

This is what happened next...

Me: "Addison, you need to come down. You aren't supposed to be on the steps."
Addison: "Grrrrrr" (growling like a dog)
Me: "Don't growl at me, what are you a dog."
Addison: "Woof Woof."

Well then. I guess she was pretending to be a dog. This theory was confirmed when two seconds later while I tried to get Blake set up for lunch, she decided to try and eat dog food.

This is my life.

Then after I got Addison in her chair, and brought over the food Blake exclaims "FINALLY!"

WHAT?!?!? I guess I was just taking too long to get his lunch ready. Oh and lets not forget that Blake also informed me "You need to behave yourself today Momma." I guess I might sometimes say that too much?

Minus the tantrums, I do really love watching their personalities coming out. And the sassy attitudes. I just hope those are short lived and are not an indication of what the teen years will look like.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. We got to spend sometime with a friend of ours. Took a little road trip for an extra special 2nd birthday. And got to finally meet another really good friend who I haven't had the chance to meet in person, but have know for TWO years! We had a blast and the kids loved hanging out and getting into things together.

Today was supposed to be therapy day, but that got cancelled because IT SNOWED. Messed up our entire morning, and I ended up having to go to the gym in the afternoon instead. I don't like the gym daycare in the afternoon, plus it's all crowded and stuff haha. But I was so overjoyed to walk in to see A & B at the table with some older kids, "drawling" and doing other big kid things. I love it. Mornings are def better though. Much better crowd and a lot of other SAHMs which is nice which also means not as many germs because other SAH kids don't have germs right ;)

We are hosting Easter dinner here on Saturday, so um yeah. This week will be filled with the usual. Cleaning, shopping, last minute procrastination. AKA I'll be super busy Friday because I will put stuff off all week hahaha. I am also going to attempt a bunny cake. Wish me luck. We also decided that the kids should have a Grandparents Birthday Party to make up for the party they missed because someone got sick (Addison) ;) So we'll do that this weekend too. Planning to have a big party this summer though with all our family and friends.

What's going on in your life this week?

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