Sunday, March 3, 2013

"The Bible" on History Channel

The Bible
"The Bible" on History Channel (image source:

History Channel is airing a mini-series called The Bible. (It started tonight tonight at will air over five parts with the final airing on Easter.) The series is set to cover from Genesis to Revelation, and was produced by Roma Downey (remember Touched By An Angel ? If not you should Google it and see if you can catch an episode or two, pretty cool series) and Mark Burnett.

If you missed it, rumor has it there will be a DVD, and hopefully - maybe, History Channel will air it online as well.

Either way, I thought I would share. We're watching it here. It's good for those who are new to their faith, rediscovering their faith, or even those strong in their faith. Basically a good series for any Christian, in my opinion. And if you need another reason to watch I saw that Tim Tebow even endorsed it on Facebook, earlier today. ;)

I would be interested to see how it's viewed by Atheists and members of the Christian community alike -based on the variations of Bible Stories.

I know I don't usually talk about faith and my religion here but this is one of those "full circle" things for me tonight. I used to enjoy watching Biblical shows with my Great Grandmother (who was a devote Catholic), especially during Lent and Easter, went to church many Sundays with my mom, reached milestones like First Holy Communion and Confirmation, and even went to Youth Group and enjoyed several youth retreats during that time. To be able to attend church on Sundays with the hubs and A & B - then to be able to share in this moment tonight, where they watched the beginning of it with us, and then watching it with Jake. Suddenly life has come full circle. From childhood to adulthood. I feel like it brings us closer as a family, and as a couple. Scratch that... IT DOES bring us closer.

It was important to me, when we had children, to make sure we gave them a good foundation in their faith and lead them the right way. Last winter was so hard because of RSV lockdown, so to be able to finally get to church this year has been so great. To find a church that fits is even better. And then to get the chance to meet Bishop Hanson of the ELCA, listen to him preach - and to share that with my husband and children, simply amazing.

My whole life when I've thought of my future and family I had these visions of church on Sundays, dinner together as a family and a day of rest. Something about all that just warms my heart. I am still working on the rest part, but I have gotten so much better about focusing on "us". It's a great feeling for us all.

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