Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It is our...200th...Blog Post!

And to celebrate I will provide you with a bunch of  "Tuesday Randoms" hows that? ;)

Remember how for such a long time Blake was always serious in every.single.photo.? Well lately he is becoming such ham - he smiles and says "cheese" whenever he sees me with the camera (or phone). And he even steals my phone to take his own pics. Its seriously adorable. Here's proof:

"Cheese(y)" smile
 See...can he get any cuter?

And then here's two from Addison's "after bedtime" escapade. I wish the first one wasn's so blurry because it would have been an amazing photo. I sort of wonder who is the bigger goof, Daddy or Addi?
Daddy Daughter Photobomb
Daddy-Daughter Moment
Sleepy Smile
Who should be sleeping? Do I look tired Momma?

Blake has also started doing this really cute thing where he points to Addison and goes "Addison" then points to himself and goes "Blake" - he does this for several minutes, mostly at the table when he SHOULD be eating, but that's a whole different topic... I tried to catch it on video but ended up with a photo instead lol.
Who am I
I am Blake.

And that loyal readers are my Tuesday Randoms.