Thursday, March 7, 2013

Let's Catch Up!

Yeah yeah I fell off the blog wagon, sorry. Things got a little crazy around here, but they seem to be falling into place again.

Addison and Blake finally got their appetites back and in return have gained some of that weight back that they lost. Blake is actually up a whole pound from before he was sick and Addison is down a pound and some change from where she was before the GI bug, but up from where she was AFTER. Both kiddos weigh 22lbs even. For the first time in their lives they are the same weight. Blake looks so much heavier then her though. Def. because of the height, Addison is the taller of the two.

I am back at the gym. I joined in February. Went for a day week or two and then we got sick and well ... yeah. But Sunday, everyone was feeling better, Jake was home and I thought it had been long enough. So back off I went. I've been everyday since then except Weds. which I dubbed my off day, off day from the gym only. I've also been watching my calories which is a first for me. And well........ I weighed in today at my fitness assessment, courtesy of the gym and I am down 6.2 pounds... 6.2!!!!!

The kiddos are in the throws of those so called terrible two's which has also resulted in a little lady with some pretty fierce separation anxiety ooooh boy. But we are all still doing well. And looking forward to warmer weather and some other neat things we have in the works.

Oh and there is this thing about trying to get internet at home again...sore subject but as soon as I get that figured out, sigh.

What have you been up to lately?

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