Friday, March 29, 2013

When Babies Grow Up

I just wanted to share some special moments that we've had the past few days.

More and more I am watching these two amazing miracles develop into little people. And I am loving every minute of it.

Blake has taken an interest in helping me grocery shop. Typically we hold their hands and walk into the store where we attempt to strap them into a cart (or two) or of course there was that one time when some singleton parents used all the cool twin carts and I tried the "one strapped in/convince the other to SIT, but not on the eggs, in the basket" trick. Feel free to read about that adventure here.

This time though, Blake grabbed the cart and proudly exclaimed "I help push cart". There are two of us and two of them, sure why not kiddo, you push cart, mommy keep you from knocking over the display of Nurtigrain Bars oh no wait Mommy did that not you, whoops. So, off we went. I pointed out the items we needed and tried to "guide" Blake's selections. He proudly ran the items to the cart and asked Daddy to "help" set them inside.

We couldn't help but laugh because when we got near the milk, without any prompting, Blake took off and tried desperately to open the fridge case and get pick up milk. When he couldn't get the door open, he nearly took out a lady at the knees trying to get into the door she had opened. Luckily I saw it coming and stopped him short, and redirected him to the whole milk. He seemed so disappointed that I wouldn't let him carry it alone, but didn't fight me on it.

All in all he did really well. He only attempted to run off twice, and got several compliments from other shoppers. One lady asked if he could be her personal shopper.

One afternoon, that same "big boy" crawled up in my lap and asked to cuddle. He giggled when I sang "Rock a Bye Baby" which probably had to do with my horrible singing voice. But these cuddles are becoming less and less so I was more then happy to savor this moment. How do you say "No" to this face?

The same night that Blake helped shop, Addison decided that since she was so well behaved in the store, she'd just help herself to the things we had in the grocery bags. All of a sudden I hear all this babbling in the back seat, only to find she was reading one of the books that was set to be placed in an Easter basket for Blake. Silly girl!

And seriously, just look at this. Could they get any cuter? This picture is proof of why they never get in trouble. (Ok never is an understatement but... the cute faces certainly don't hurt.)

We've got another busy weekend ahead of us. We'll be celebrating Easter with our families on Saturday and church followed by a reflective day just the four of us (and maybe lunch with a friend) on Sunday. Celebrating the reason for the Season. HE IS RISEN!

Be sure to check back in next week for pics from all the fun (including our very first Easter Egg Hunt - admittedly I am probably more excited then they will be, as well as their mini birthday surprise party with the Grandparents).
Easter Blessings from our family to yours!