Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I will be the first to admit - I am not very good at cooking pancakes. Every attempt (until very recently) I have failed, which has forced me for the sake of my husband and children to resort to store bought frozen pancakes. (Ok not going to lie it was also a lot more convenient for me too.)

Then my envy got the best of me and I very bashfully sought the guidance of one of my BFF's, you probably know exactly who I am talking about, Mrs. Urban Flowerpot herself. See, she has mastered the art of pancakes in a wide variety so I knew she would (hopefully) be able to rescue me too! She schooled me once and I lost all nerve to try so I waited and then this happened this morning (as a result of not having any frozen waffles, gasp, and two toddlers who would not be happy without their morning usual) :

Pancakes, iMessage
Yes, I text messaged her to asked how I would know when pancakes were done cooking. Don't judge me ;)

Clearly she knows me all too well... See she even told me to turn the heat down. (Who knew I shouldn't cook on high heat all the time? - Actually I do know that now, but the reminder was nice, because um well yeah..)

And the end result was this:

Yummy Pancake
One golden brown pancake.

So there you have it, thanks to Urban Flowerpot - my kids didn't go hungry, nor were they forced to eat burnt (or even under cooked) pancakes this morning. Admittedly I should have gotten photograpic evidence of them eating it, but assure you they were pleased. And I felt like I conquered the world. (Ok that's an exaggeration, but I conquered the pancakes. With enough to spare for leftovers tomorrow.) She admits that all the credit goes to her dad though - who taught her how to perfect the pancake, as well things like how you should clean egg pans with cold water. Like really who knew? Unlike my dad who thought the best kitchen skill I could learn was how to make biscuits and gravy (minus the homemade biscuits - Hello Pillsbury), absolutely delicious but certainly not the healthiest. Especially when you accidently grab the powdered sugar instead of flour, and then cannot figure out why it won't thicken up until you've used almost the whole container and then OMG all of a sudden it was super thick and you tasted it and GROSS it was way to sweet. WHOOPS. (No that really didn't happen. Ok maybe it did., maybe.)

For more great pancake talk, check out how Urban Flowerpot makes perfectly pink pancakes for her dudes! (I might just get brave enough to try this one on my own... one day.)

And a sincere thank you BFF for helping me out with this one. <3

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