Sunday, March 10, 2013

Saturday Night on the Town

Disclaimer: I have not been paid by any of the following mentioned people, places, or things.

Disclaimer 2: Keep in mind I am a mom and therefore my perspective may or may not be slightly skewed and therefore my definition of "on the town" probably varies greatly from yours.

Parents of Preemies Day, Grahams Foundation
Me and the kiddos and my super cool "Proud Preemie Parent - Every Day" t-shirt
from Grahams Foundation.

Now let me tell you about my Saturday night out...

Hubby's best friend basically since birth (hereby known as "J") is celebrating his birthday this weekend. (HAPPY BRITHDAY J - I hope you are having a blast!) We knew about said celebration for a little bit now, but the whole pukey kids thing sort of hindered our ability to decide about it before now. That said, I came up with this GREAT idea that "Hey let's get a hotel and YOU (aka hubby) go out with you BFF and I will stay at the hotel with the kids and watch cheap tv," this is what happens when you move 1.5 hrs away from everyone you know... Bar nights require a hotel.

Now what guy do you know that would turn down an offer like that?

So while hubby worked, I spent my Saturday cleaning (because ya know as hubby jokes, the house has to be clean just in case anyone wants to break in, wouldn't want them to trip over a toy) - I really didn't clean for the burglars - it was simply cleaning day, plus who doesn't like returning home to a clean house? And packing, because yes ladies and gentleman we decided on a whim just before bedtime last night that we would in deed go through with said plan.

I took time and picked a hotel as close as possible to the place the party was happening and packed the best of the best clothes (hello polo and khakis for hubby, and my Care Bear pj's as well as cupcake and monkey pjs for A & B). We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn downtown (hello Internet discount code), which included a nice (free with the price of the room) breakfast and a view of a nice high rise apartment complex.

Hilton Garden Inn - Window View
The view from our room...

The plan - The kids and I would drop hubby off, return to the hotel for room service and a little mommy & kid time, (because ya know being a stay at home mom, we never get to do things together haha) and wait for the Designated Driver to drop off Jake at closing time.

What really happened - We pulled up to a hotel that had me feeling like a famous person - smack in the heart of the city, a valet opened my door, the Bellhop took our bags and escorted us inside. As we tried to check in Blake screamed "My bookbag!" over and over and tried to kick his way free from my mommy grasp. We got to the room and Blake grabbed said bookbag and walked to the door said "I going bye bye now."

Hilton Garden Inn - Suite, Jake and the Neverland Pirates
As soon as we got to the room Blake wanted to try out the chair
and watch some 'toons while he cuddled with his blanket.

Hubby showered while I dealt with two kids who were more interested in joining their dad in the shower, and then it was time to drop him off.

Hilton Garden Inn - Towel duck
Our little towel friend in our room.

Traffic was pretty crappy and at one point Miss Addison must have had enough because when we stopped for the 97364829 time she yelled "K dada bye now!" ::giggle snort::

Then I opted out of room service and instead hit up the grocery store on the way back to get all the essentials. Aka - salad, cheesecake, goldfish, and Greek yogurt (and I found these really really convenient to go toddler milks on a bogo sale!) When I got back to the hotel I realized I actually bought more for A & B then I did for myself! Such is the life of a mommy I suppose.

We changed into our PJ's, cracked open those goldfish and munched. Not even gonna lie I was counting down til bedtime for the them because the cheesecake was calling my name. Once they had their fishes and milk, I laid them in their pack and plays...... And ended up hiding out in the bathroom for atleast 30 minutes before they would fell asleep. At one point about of 15 minutes in, I heard silence and realize I was holding my breath, when I let out that breath, I realized it was too soon, I heard a whisper " mom. Where'd ya go?" in the sweetest little boy voice I have ever heard. I.had.been.busted! By a two year old. One that I thought was asleep! Doh!

Hiding out in the bathroom so the kids will fall asleep...
You know you love those sexy CareBear pjs

And now I am spending my Saturday night "out on the town" - munching on things I have been depriving myself off all week (hey we are all allowed an off day)

Fritos, Munchies, Greek Salad
My munchies. And yes that is a Greek Salad, and no I did not eat all the scoops and cheese.

and watching Justin Timberlake on SNL. Truth be told - I am "on the town" ... 11 stories up in the heart of the city/town. Dontcha wish you were spending your Saturday night with me?

Three words - HUBBY.OWES.ME. ;)

As for the hotel, it was worth every penny. Both for the location as well as the service and accommodations. The staff was amazing and nothing like I've ever experienced before and the food at breakfast was very delicious. It is admittedly more then I would typically spend on a hotel room (especially if it was a lengthy stay) but I hope to try the Hilton Garden Inn again in the future even if in a different location. It was perfect for a one night getaway. (Disclaimer: I was not in anyway compensated for staying at this hotel. It was just the closest to our location. That said, I would highly reccomend it.)

And now I leave you with more snapshots from breakfast and the morning after...

Hilton Garden Inn Fireplace
Warming up by the fireplace in the lobby while we waited for our car.

I hope this doesn't void our deposit.... ;)


  1. YES! Care Bears!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha - love this.

    1. Lol. Yeah yeah yeah lol. I know you are jealous of my Care Bear jams. ;)