Monday, January 21, 2013

Mommy & Me Monday

So the events of this Mommy & Me Monday actually occurred on a Friday. BUT they did in fact happen, and after all that was the goal, to have a Mommy & Me Adventure.

Allow me to set the scene for you...

8:30 am - I am up and in the shower just as I hear small whispers down the hall. I know they aren't fully awake yet, but I've got to be quick. This usually means I've got 20 minutes.

I get all three of us ready and dressed in our "Purple Pride", it's Purple Friday in honor of Daddy's favorite team the RAVENS ! We're going to have an extra special day. I have coupons and a sale that expires today for groceries so that's the big thing on our agenda. But first, we are hitting up the Dunkin Donuts, I've already downed my first cup of coffee and opt for a Coke instead. Three donuts. One purple with Ravens written on it. It's going to be a good day...

Until I realize that ::gasp:: they only have one high chair. Gulp. The least wiggling child gets the seat of honor on the "big boy" chair. Wild woman gets strapped in. Half a donut later, I've lost them. Blake is trying to stand on his chair or get "down". I am able to distract him long enough to return the tray to the counter and put a donut in a bag. Out the door we go and on to the grocery store.

Ravens, Purple Friday, Donuts

I am already admittedly nervous because their bordem in the donut shop could roll over.

It only gets better. We get to Giant and ::double gasp:: there are no available twin carts (ya know, the one's with the cute little cars attached that they can ride in and the double basket seats). Ooooh boy this could be interesting. Again, Addison gets strapped in. (She has already proven she cannot be left in the basket of a cart, as she once leaped out of one. Luckily she was not hurt, but I still have nightmares about it.) I debate briefly just hanging it up and going home, as Blake makes his way to the produce department at full speed. I pick him up and in the basket he goes. 

I am not really sure why the store is so crowded today, but it is. And I now have to walk beside the cart and keep a hand on two kids. I am also surrounded by moms with singletons who have (in my own opinion) abused the twin cart privilege. One kid, riding in a twin cart/car. I shot dagger eyes as they pass me, especially when they act offended that I am taking up so much room in the aisle because I am forced to walk beside the cart. (How else am I supposed to shop with two little ones?) I keep walking. And praying. I have two hands, and no pen to mark off things on my list.

I am also annoyed because I've left my sale flyer at home and for whatever reason Giant doesn't clearly mark all things that are on sale, so I missed out on some of the items I needed. Addison and Blake are taking full advantage of any chance they get to get near a shelf, by randomly selecting objects that I have to then remove, to which they take as an example and then attempt to remove items that I ACTUALLY NEED from the cart. This is fun.

And as if that isn't enough I have a kid trying to sit on the eggs and another who has now opened my wallet. I am able to find a bare spot and stop long enough to remove my wallet from Addison's hands and show Blake a safe place to sit. Unbeknownst to me, in retaliation for my taking my wallet Addison has now tossed BLAKE's coat from the cart. Not her coat... HIS. I do notice though probably I'd say an aisle or so later. And I back track. The whole store. Not once...but FOUR times. And make TWO trips to customer service. Nothing. His coat is gone. I am irrationally sad and ticked. Not so much at Addison, but at whoever found this coat.

1.) Who in the world would just freakin' pick up a child's coat and walk off with it? I mean really. Is there not a single decent person left in this world? 2.) I hear my dad's voice saying "Well, all you can hope is that the person who took it, needed it more then you, and you just helped someone less fortunate." FINE, but really it's like what 20 degrees outside? My kid now doesn't have a coat RUDE. 3.) I am never leaving the house with these two by myself ever again. Just saying. (And I am lying, because trust me... by tomorrow we'll be out and about again.)

I did have more things I wanted to attempt, but alas, I surrendered and came home. Lunch. They napped, and I put away groceries. Made meatballs and a meatloaf to freeze while they slept. (Check back for my meatloaf recipe soon!)

Things really usually aren't this complicated. Addison and Blake are usually great shoppers. Most of the time. This was just simply one of those days.

And that loyal readers is our Mommy & Me Adventure. What adventures have you gotten into with your kiddos this past week?

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