Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dinner and a Nap

It's rare that one kiddo wakes up from a nap (or in the am) without the other waking up too, or shortly after.

Today's nap time, only Addison was awake. I walked in to get her and was greeted with a "Hey momma".

We came down stairs and she ate mac and cheese (you know - the ONLY toddler food group). The minute she finished her Mac & Cheese she requested "Down" and ran full steam to the steps. What happened next was priceless "Oooh BABA, wake NOW!"

I tried to redirect her and promised I'd tiptoe up to make sure he was ok, but she needed to stay put. Apparently this was not an acceptable request because she started up the steps anyway. Demanding her BABA wake up NOW. Clearly she is in charge around here because in a gentle voice I heard Blake call out "Sissy."

He greeted us both with a small and said "Sissy waked up me."

Now Blake is enjoying his Mac & Cheese while Addison rearranges the pots and pans (and by rearrange, i actually mean removes every pot/pan/lid and hides them around the kitchen. Disclaimer for anyone who eats meals here, I promise you the cookware is cleaned before each use.) Occasionally she runs over to ask if she can have a "roni" and buzzes away quietly when Blake says "No Sissy."

The antics only continued while I tried to make dinner.. and throughout dinner.

Blake stole Jake's fork and informed him "Blake need bigger fork Dadda."

While Addison was full of conversation AFTER she performed in her "kitchen band" while I tried to cook. Cooking is always an adventure with these two, especially if I am alone or start before Jake gets home.

And what would be a blog post without some funny faces?

Now... Tell me. How do you handle meal prep with an active toddler (or two)? 

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