Monday, April 15, 2013

What ARE WE Doing?

There's been some fun things happening around here.
Off and on since the GI bug hit us, Addison's Gtube sight has been leaking again. Not a lot but, just when we thought it was closed. We do notice that citrus fruits or acid-y foods seems to irritate it and make it happen. We are keeping an eye on it and hoping for the best, but the other day I put some cream on it and covered it. Blake immediately said he needed a band aid for "Belly boo boo too" so as you can see, he is quiet proud.  (I hope one day Addison understands just how amazing this boy is. He is really the best little bro.)

We went to a ball game. Our friend's son is pitching for a local minor league team and was playing close to "home" so we went to see his amazing skills. Addison and Blake loved it, as well as the stadium food. 

After that we took a trip to Lowe's for a lawn mower (Hello Spring!) where Addison and Blake road in a fancy car. Ok we'll Addison drove. And at one point Blake decided to lay down and pretend to "nap".

And seriously who can resist this face? This face...scares me. Why? Because in that face I see a little man emerging. A man who will one day leave the nest and shatter my heart. A man so full of wisdom, charm and all that stuff. Yup - I am not ready for this.

So what have YOU been up too? 

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