Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Has Arrived!

Twins at the park
Enjoying the weather at the park.

First off, over the past few weeks I've heard lots of jokes about how the groundhog got it all wrong and where's the warm weather, etc. And while I am not exactly in any hurry for summer to get here, I am glad to see spring finally arrive. Minus the allergies that is.

One thing I have learned though, is that our new location could potentially give a whole new "fragrance" if you will to our home. The smell of cow poop. Yes I just typed poop. This is pretty much what happens when you live between dairy farms and the Amish. It's one thing to smell it while you are out for a drive, but it's another to open the windows in the house thinking you are letting fresh air in only to have about ten seconds before you are frantically searching for cause of this horrific odor. Sigh. Welcome to the country. ;)

Anyway  while we are adjusting to the new "fresh air" we took advantage of the warmer weather today and scouted out one of the many parks nearby. This one comes fully equipped with a fishing pier, horseshoe pit, TWO jungle gyms and a hiking trail. As you can see we had a blast. After Blake's initial reaction to having to share the playground with two other boys, one of which he was so kind to give a little push help going down the slide. (Relax, the kid was about to go down anyway and he just barely tapped him. The boy laughed and I apologized and explained to Blake we don't "help" other kids go down the slide.)

"I really have to share the playground. It's bad enough I have to share with Addison."

"Finally she lets me out of the house!"
Addison even took a swing on the big kid swings this time. Where did my babies go?
Kids swings
When we came back from the playground we set up shop in the back yard and gathered all the outdoor toys. Let me just say that I thought last summer was absolutely awesome with these two, but after today, I know this summer is going to be even better. And I love the fact that we have the space for them to run and play without being right on top of our neighbors door or worrying that they are too close to the street. Having room for all their cool toys is nice too.

Hubby and I both got a laugh out of Addison today because we recently found this really cool art desk for FREE, that someone was giving away, and it's been sitting outside waiting to be cleaned. Well I cleaned it today and moved it inside. But before I moved it in, Addison and Blake were mimicing us as we cooked on the grill. Addison had snuck off with a grill brush and would lift the top on the "grill" aka art table and flip her pretend food then go back to playing. It's so neat to see their little personalities at work.
Little Tikes Water Table
Yes that is Addison with the hose, attempting to refill the water table, that she and Blake drained.

And no day outside is complete without a wash in the tub. I've gotten into the habit of drying Addison's hair with a hair dryer after baths (especially in the cold weather) and this is what she likes to do while I dry her hair. Tonight we caught her in the act.
NSYNC Kid in Sink
Yes she is sitting in the bathroom sink. I don't discourage this behavior because it makes my life easier while I dry her hair. And no that's not a real iPhone. It's my iPod. Totally different.

Neither kiddo had trouble going to bed tonight. They worn themselves out. And with a little more sunshine we'll get to do it all again tomorrow. Likely minus the park because mommy doesn't to the park alone with TWO. But maybe I'll try on Wednesday if they are super good.  And for those asking WHY - I fear the park alone.... this sums it up best... Taking the Kids to the Park.

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