Friday, April 19, 2013

Toddlers & Carseats

Addison has recently started doing what we call the "limp noodle" but another friend referred to it as the "gator roll" which I think is so much better fitting, for those who haven't witnessed this - it's a mix of the "noodler" "twister" and "rod" with a side of "grab the headrest of the seat in front and don't let go while screaming like it hurts." Toddler Carseat Humor
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I try not to laugh about it but lets face, it's pretty funny (unless I am running late, then it's a minor annoyance.)

Anyway - she did this today after leaving her post op check up, and while I tried not to laugh and calmly reason with her (really who reasons with a toddler...) she shouts "WINNING - I WINNING".

Yup that's all it took. She won. I laughed.

Oh and the post op check up went well. He is very pleased and said things look beautiful. For now she'll keep wearing the glasses, likely for another year, while her eyes heal and strengthen. Then hopefully she can ditch the glasses (not that we mind because she is super adorable in them but...) And we can already see a difference in her eyes and how straight they are. The only downside? The eye drops that she needs 2-3 times a day and the eye cream. She hates me and the drops. This will be an adventure when Hubby returns to work.

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