Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hummus and Other Healthy Things

Yes I am about to seriously write a blog post about Hummus (and other healthy things). Why? Because I haven't been to the gym in over a week because I've been spending all my time working out outside, chasing the kids and running around pushing a stroller  and just to be clear the crossed out part... yeah that didn't really happen. But it sounded good.

Anyway I promised myself I'd get back on track this week. It's Tuesday already and well, if you are reading this... I am at the gym. There I did it.

Hummus Giant Spinach and Artichoke
Said -half eaten container of Hummus

But back to this Hummus stuff. One of my close friends has been rooting me on and giving me all sorts of great tips along the way. She hosted a birthday party for her son, and we were invited. She promised me Hummus. I promised I'd try it. Again. Because I tried it once before and I hated it. Turns out my taste buds have changed because, I am going to just say it. I liked it, so much that I bough a whole container at the store. We've had the container for two days and it's officially gone. I would however like to note that I was not the only one eating it because apparently Addison, Blake and Hubby all like hummus too. (Or as Blake called it... Carcus - Keep in mind this is also the kid that when reading a book about animals pointed to a rabbit and said "Yum Lunch" Also please note that I have not yet fed my kids rabbit, but Hubby does enjoy hunting so there's that.) They also like Guacamole, which I am not sold on yet, but it might grown on me.

This same friend also introduced me to some fancy bubbly tea. Something about brewing tea and adding flavored water. YUM. Minus the sugar. Then I was all "Hello why didn't I think about flavored water BEFORE now. Ya know, instead of soda. DUH."

Oh and last night's dinner was a Tex-Mex style fajita with grilled chicken, mango salsa and fresh spinach. Sooo I am slowly getting back on track. It was motivating to see some of the pictures that Hubby snapped at the park where I was off in the background. I can notice a little difference and that makes it all worth while.

Anyone in this journey with me? How are you doing with it?


  1. I'm with you! Though I'm taking a hiatus until after my wedding next week. Still working on "eating healthy," but also not stressing if I DON'T eat healthy, because let's face it - there's enough stress!

    1. YAY for Happy Wedding Day!!!!!

      Totally agree, there is enough stress - so take that break if you need it and get back in the swing after that!