Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pre-Op is Complete

We met our new Ped today, and I loved her.

She did Addison's Pre-Op and cleared her for surgery. All is a go. One more day! I'll be glad to be on the other side of all of this.

The Ped also encouraged me to call Addison's Gastro-surgeon about her g-tube site. It's not closed yet and on our end it's more of a annoyance then anything but she still wants us to have it looked at and get his opinion. She is hopeful that they may just be able to cauterize it and cover it with butterfly stitch, giving it a chance to close.

So that's where we are right now.

Thanks for all the continued prayers. I'll post a post op report Thursday or Friday depending on how Miss A does. <3


  1. I'm glad that everything is a go for tomorrow! Good luck to both you and Addison, and I hope everything goes smoothly! <3

  2. Thank you Becca. Deep breaths... We've got this.