Monday, April 22, 2013

Join the Movement

Join the Movement is this year's theme for National Infertility Awareness Week (NAIW).

National Infertility Awareness Week NAIW

I am sure that every one of our blog followers know that Addison & Blake were conceived via IVF after we were diagnosed with both male factor and female factor Infertility. We had tried 8 rounds of a drug called Clomid with no success. "Success" = pregnancy. The Clomid did it's job, I ovulated - I just didn't get pregnant. (To read more about our journey, click here.)

My blog is probably the absolute BIGGEST way that I have broken the silence on Infertility, but Hubby and I also chose to be very open about our journey and our struggles. We shared our struggle with our family and friends. Even strangers. Having twins opens that door a lot, because many people question if they are "natural" or "do twins run in your family" and I can say that 99% of the time I am openly honest about how they were conceived.


Because advocacy, speaking out, and helping to remove the "sting" or "taboo" about Infertility is important to me. I want our story to inspire others who are struggling, to make that appointment with a fertility clinic (like Shady Grove Fertility Center) and to have the strength, faith and courage to take the next step. I want other families to now there are millions just like them who have been there, and had success. It's about support and spreading the word.

How can you help?

By sharing my blog, specifically this post or one/all of the others about Infertility and IVF. By Educating yourself and others about Infertility and the treatment options. Reach out to those around you, don't be afraid to ask questions (especially to those who are open about their struggle and journey) so that you can understand what they are going through. Support anyone you may know who is dealing with this right now. As well as standing up for and protecting the rights for woman (and men alike) as lawmakers try to create a change that can shake the whole Infertility Community. Be sure that when you have the chance to vote on healthcare topics that you know exactly what rights you are voting for and how they might effect someone who may need Infertility treatments.

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