Monday, April 29, 2013

Just Another Day in Paradise

Had a fun weekend full of things to do. We went swimming with Grammy and Pop (and Aunt A & Uncle R) and then Sunday we joined our church officially. Of course being the super mom I am, I forgot photos of all of us. But here's these instead ;)

I bought them both goggles since we were going swimming and we needed to protect Addison's eyes. Yeah Blake was the only one who wanted to wear them

Funny story about these PJ's. We went to the store and I cannot go shopping without hitting the kids section. One of Blake's new favs is Elmo, and out of nowhere Addison decided she likes Elmo too. So we found this set of "two". We got these for Blake and girlie Elmo for Addison because she said "I wanna Elmo!"

When we pulled the PJ's out for bedtime, Addison insisted she needed to wear "Cookies!" So she is wearing the other half of Blake's set. A smart mommy would have just bought two of the same set. FAIL.

Here they are ordering room service with Grammy.

And one of my favs from our relaxing Friday, I love how Addison is looking up at me.
And her fav dolly that she has been carrying around for weeks now. The doll's name is Sissy (and that's what Blake calls her.) But she calls her "Bubba" (her name for Blake).

And um yeah... How stinking tall does she look her? I can't stand it.

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