Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ahhh. Tuesdays

Today we had Special Instruction (Therapy) for Addison. We're working on things like "my turn" and trying to get her to pair words together for two and three word phrases. She's got the "my turn" thing town EXCEPT the down fall is that she thinks that whenever/where ever, if she says "my turn" it immediately becomes her turn and it does not make her happy if she doesn't get her way. We also had a very funny moment today when after several attempts to get her to repeat "read the book" she shoved her brother just a little and screamed "Back up Meanie!" the therapist and I both giggled under our breath and I quickly tried to redirect the behavior. The therapist was impressed but told Addison, she could have been a little nicer to her brother ;) Blake just moved right on and didn't let it phase him.

A little later when Daddy came home, I am not sure what happen because someone took a nose dive off the couch. I think that Daddy walking to the door startled the like monkey who was jumping on the couch and he fell. It freaked hubby out, but Blake cried immediately and even though he bit his tongue (made it bleed) he walked away without a bruise or scratch and all was well after about ten seconds when I offered up a Popsicle to make his tongue feel better. As you can tell he was unphased.

A little later hubby was saying something to Blake and well apparently Blake was not please because he told Daddy "Go fly kite"... I walked away and let him deal with that little attitude.
I snapped this pic the other day and wanted to share it. I love his happy face in this one. And he looks soo....grown up. That I don't like. I sometimes wish they stayed little. Granted life does get easier in many ways, though sometimes it presents new challenges as they gain independence.
Now about this bird... One I can't say that this is the same bird every time but I've noticed him/her around a lot lately. Like I spot him/her in different places when I am out for my jog and today I started upstairs and caught a glimpse of him/her on the mailbox. Just by luck. So it got my mind wondering, especially since the bird doesn't immediately fly off when I come close. Like sometimes I don't even see him/her until I am right near it. So I googled to see what Red Robin's symbolize. (Yes I am one of those people.) What I learned is that they 1.) represent the coming of spring (I'd say a little late, BUT considering it was like 50 degrees the last two days...who knows) and 2.) They represent a sign of hope, new beginnings and contentment. I guess someone is sending me a sign. And that gives me peace.

And this one... something a little less heavy... I went in after naps and found Elmo and "bubba" both in Addison's crib. Blake said "Sissy take Elmo" she giggled and Blake said "Yeah give back NOW." He was not happy. Then she pretended to hand it to him, but kept it just out of his reach. This is what happens when their cribs are that close.

And I'll leave you with one of Addison just because. ;) she too is looking more and more grown up. 

I am really looking forward to the weather getting just a little warmer so we can get back outside to play more. I know they are looking forward to it too. They love our walks but are oh so sad when it's time to come in. 

How's your week been?

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