Thursday, May 9, 2013

Fitness Friday...

Well... Here we are again.

Progress: Down 1.4 pounds since last week!! Super excited about that. Still have another (OMG) 17.6 pounds to go to reach my "pre-pregnancy" weight, and still a super long way to go before I reach my goal. Pleased none the less because I am really seeing results.

How am I feeling: Confident. I did have a few days this week where I felt sort of down and out, but I pushed through it. Kept working out and stayed on track for the most part, which I really feel like in the end is what helped me get over the slump. By just pushing through. I also got a huge confidence booster when I was able to finish my C25k training for the day without having to take the 5 minute break in the middle like before.

And about this C25k thing - I know it's like the latest craze, and I can see why. But if you want my expert (as in "couch potato") opinion it is NOT a good starting point for someone who is truly just starting out. And that could just be me, but I really felt like I would have done better at first with something more gradual to get my endurance and stamina built up. That said, I am doing it and owning it so I'll keep on. For those of you who want to start running but don't think C25k is for you yet I'd like to suggest this:

I found the above on Pintrest and really feel like it would be much better for a beginner. And it would be easy once you got into lets say Week 3 or Week 4 to move over to the C25k program, or even just continue on with this one. It's spread out a little longer but like in my situation, I am repeating Week 1 of C25k right now and may or may not repeat each remaining week twice before moving on. So it will take me longer then 8 weeks to finish the whole program, but I'll finish.

What I am doing now: Still keeping up with the plank challenge for May (if you missed it, it's not too late to start - find more info here), tomorrow's time is 90 seconds OMG I THINK I MIGHT DIE I can do this, and it hurts so good. I am actually getting marks on my elbows from these planks, haha. Alternating gym days with outdoor walking/running and keeping up with my same routine I linked to last week. I will be continuing that for the rest of May, before I shake things up in June. (Yes I am already planning ahead for June.) And on top of that I've also been challenged to 52 miles in May, I hated cross country in gym class and this is very similar lol, but I'm determined to make it. It's less then 2 miles a day really and it's great for 5k training and working up to that distance as well. Pair all that with eating healthy, limiting carbs, and increasing proteins. Nothing crazy, just eating better.

Goals/Things to work on: Not gonna lie, I need to get to be earlier. Like seriously. There were a few nights this week when that happened and it made such huge difference in everything so making that a new priority is a must. I also need to get back into the habit of getting to the gym in the morning instead of putting it off. The best way for me to do this is to have myself up and ready to go before the kiddos are awake and then make sure their breakfast is ready when I get them up. (Note that I DO NOT and usually WILL NOT wake them in the AM. They are usually up by 8:30 sometimes 9:00 and that is good enough for me.) I just need to be more like a well oiled machine in the AM. I am also learning that drinking coffee right before a workout is not a good idea (hence another reason why I need to wake up earlier then the kiddos). 

As for goals, loose 3.6 more pounds to my next goal (equaling 15 pounds total) followed by another 5 (20 total for you math wiz people). Finish Week 2 of C25k, stick to my current routine AND actually REST on those rest days (I only get one a week - and by rest I mean "rest" from working out. Mommies don't get "rest").

No before and after photos this week. I'll post more when I hit my next target.

Inspiration/Motivation: I actually had an old friend tell me that I inspired her to get back into running and working out. Just by sharing my journey. I am flattered and hope that I continue to inspire others, as there are others that are inspiring me.

If you have a moment and haven't already, head over to Getting Healthy One Point At a Time and meet one of my inspirations and check out her latest post about healing and her weight loss journey.

How have you been doing this week with your own goals? Check in...who's in this journey with me?