Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fertility Scorecard 2013

Resolve.org  just released their Fertility Scorecard where they ranked each of the US states based on the following: 

The insurance mandate climate in each state (otherwise known as - mandatory coverage of Infertility treatments.)

Current legislation and laws introduced in 2012

The number of accredited fertility clinics (like Shady Grove Fertility Center) in the state in relation to the state's infertile population. 

As well as the number of Resolve support groups in the state.

While we no longer reside in Maryland I am very proud to say that our hometown ranked #5 out of all 50 states and received an A for their Fertility Grade. Pennsylvania ranked #13 and received a B for their Fertility Grade. I can't say for sure what we'll choose should we decided to try again for baby number 3 but chances are we're more likely to make the commute back to our original doctor one because they get the best of the best results and because they already know our history. 

Did you know? Resolve touches base on this a little on their website but it's important to know - the state mandate applies to the state in which your employer is based out of. For example... Hubby's employer is based in Chicago (a mandated state) so even though we live in PA (a non mandated state) his insurance company is required under state mandate to provide infertility coverage.

How did your state rank?

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