Friday, May 3, 2013

Fitness Friday

As promised here is the long over due update on my fitness journey. I apologize about all the stuff going on in this post but here ya have it.

Let's start with some before and after photos...

This is ME... 10 (yes TEN) (.4) 10.4!!!! pounds lighter! My first ten is what I am calling it.

How am I feeling: Looking at those pictures.. I feel great actually. I will be the first to admit that I slid back for a bit. Life got in the way, and I may have made an excuse or too. BUT - I didn't fall too hard. I was able to at the very least NOT GAIN IT ALL BACK, and then still loose a little. I am also down in inches too all over, which is so exciting. 

What I am doing now: You saw my post yesterday about my May fitness challenge so there's that. I am also doing C25K alternating between at the gym on the treadmill and outside with the kiddos.

It's much much harder with the kiddos in the stroller (hello 45 pounds of babies and easily another 5 out 10 in the stroller.) And I've learned our neighborhood is PERFECT for training. Lots of hills and slopes. A challenge in itself.

Day 1 was a piece of cake.. Day 2 (the day with the kiddos...not so much) - Day 2 was super tough. I puked, had to stop in the middle and walk for about 5 minutes and then I logged back it and saw this message:

Thanks to the people at C25k for that motivation, because at that moment I needed just a kick. I was seriously debating on what to do next and then - I said, go for it.

Today (Friday) is day 3 - and it's supposed to be an "outside" day (I am using my outside days on days when we have therapy appointments for Miss A because it usually conflicts with the childcare schedule at the gym.

On the days that I am at the gym I also have a weigh lifting routine and I am working out at home. At home I am doing this routine from It's Fitness Baby - daily, even on days I go to the gym. I am also walking every night after dinner with the kiddos too. I've even gotten the Hubs in on the action in the evening. It's a great way to unwind from the day.

I'm finding that this is giving me a good balance. It's letting me enjoy the great weather and still taking advantage of the gym and all they have to offer there (aka keeping my mommy sanity). And I love that the kids are so into it. Every morning when the get up Blake asks if we can go outside, in the stroller, and if by chance I leave the stroller open and in the house, they are in it while I am trying to get their breakfast ready.

My Next Goal: To loose 5 more pounds, and continue to loose inches. Sticking to my routine for the entire month of May also. I know it's probably really brave of me, but I really really want to get up super early one day a week to run outside alone before Hubby even goes to work. That's a work in progress and might wait til next month though lol. My BIG goal is that I want to run a 5k before my next birthday (Nov) - there is talk that a friend and I will be doing one in October, though we are still sorting out the details. It's gonna happen.

To motivate me, I have hung this quote in my bathroom on the mirror where I can see it every morning, and set is as the lock screen on my phone. I think it sums it up pretty well.

So I think that just about sums it up. I'll leave you with this ...