Tuesday, January 15, 2013

60 Days - 2 whole months

Without a single tube feeding! (And she is gaining weight! 23.1 lbs is the official weight.) And this last week she has suddenly started eating one waffle AND... AND an entire Greek yogurt for breakfast (it used to be one or the other.) Her appetite is growing for sure, and I am seeing her eating a lot more.

We couldn't be more proud. And to celebrate I made her a double layer chocolate cake! And I am also excited because for the first time ::knocks on wood:: neither kiddo had a reaction to the icing. The plain.white.vanilla.icing. Lol.

Today ( 1/15/13) is the official date for this "versary" but we celebrated on Sunday while Daddy was home for work, so he wouldn't miss out on the celebration.

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