Sunday, January 27, 2013

Milestone/Mommy & Me Monday...

I know...I know... I mentioned earlier we'd be seeing less and less of the Milestone Monday's but I needed to share this one because it is a HUGE milestone...

Yesterday we were at breakfast and something happened. Something that I know I personally had waited a long time for. A lady sitting at a nearby table looked over at us, at Addison, and said "Wow, your little girl is such a good eater. I am impressed." Meanwhile, Addison had already eaten more then half a Greek yogurt and was shoveling in a pancake...yes shoveling it in by the fist full (with no help from me)!

I am sure she thought I was nuts because it stunned me for a split second. This lady had NO CLUE, how far Addison had come and what our struggles had been, yet she was completely blown away at what she was doing. I wanted to cry tears of joy. It was in that moment that I realized something, this is our new reality, this lady was right. SHE IS A GOOD EATER (when she isn't being stubborn or picky, lol, but even in those moments SHE EATS).

No longer were we being subject to stares because a.) she wasn't eating like Blake or b.) needed to be tube fed. I thanked this sweet lady for her compliment and smiled as we continued to enjoy our meal. Soaking in the moment. This ... was our new normal. And I couldn't be more proud!

Now for what you all really came for ;)

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