Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thankful Thursday...

Aside from being EXTREMELY thankful for Addison's progress and weight gain this week,

I am also extremely thankful for my little cuddle bug boy. He is growing into such a smart, amazing, lovable and kind boy. He talks (oh my gosh does he talk - once he warms us to you lol) like he is grown. I love watching his personality shine through. My heart melts when he comes over and says "I cuddle Momma" and climbs into my lap. I live for those days because I know those days slip fewer and far between and one day he won't want Momma's cuddles. But for today he is my little boy. My love for both my babies, still amazes me. I never imagined my love could be this strong.

Step right up!

New Year's Eve cuddles as Prince Charming fights to stay awake

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