Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Eyes, Nose, Fingers, Toes!

This is the TRUTH about what happens when you teach toddlers about body parts...

"Eyes" ::Poke:: (As in POKE in your EYE)
"Nose" ::Poke:: (As in toddler finger in your NOSE)
"Mouf" ::Poke:: (Same finger IN your MOUTH)
"Ears! EARS!" ::Tug:: (Tug on our earrings)

My all time favorite from Miss Addison herself - "Gasses" (swipes glasses off my face, quickly followed by...) "EYES!" ::Poke, Poke":: ... As if needing glasses to see isn't bad enough, I now have a toddler finger in my eye. And if you are thinking for one second that I could have stopped her... WRONG... girl is QUICK. And I fall for it every time! Call it her sneak attack.

"Hand" ::Smack:: (Me: "Not nice, we don't hit." Blake: "No, no Sissy. Not nice!")
"Toes" ::tug, tug:: (Me: "Blake! Stop tugging my toes." Blake: "hahahah TOES hahaha")

The very best part of this is the absolute PRIDE they have on their face when they have identified the correct body parts. So at the end of the day, I suppose it's all worth it, but really I hope they learn to be more gentle as I try hard to encourage them to be.

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