Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Date Night

It's Date Night again! I am look forward to this night more and more every week and I hope that somewhere along the way I have inspired my followers to take some time out of their chaotic lives to have a date night every now and again too!

First let's recap...

Last week's movie - "The Lucky One" The opening scene shows a Marine squad performing a night ambush, while it was not anything near graphic, it's probably not best suited for the faint at heart or someone who it would be too close to home for. It was exactly what I expected from a Nicholas Sparks piece of work, even though I admit I haven't yet read this particular piece. Logan follows his heart and tracks down his mystery woman. He begins working side by side with her at a dog kennel, but she has no clue what's brought him to town. Same ol' love story in the end. If you think you can handle the first three minutes (or fast forward through it), I say go for it!

This week's movie - "The Words" Starring Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana. About an aspiring novelist whose work is repeatedly turned down from publishing companies. He stumbles upon an old manuscript and types it word for word on to his computer where it is discovered by his wife. She pushes him to pitch the work thinking it is his own.

This was my pick because Jake loves me (lol). It's been a snowy day here, but I was committed to date night and was sure to get out first thing this morning to pick up the movie before the first snow flake fell. As a result of said snow, date night is happen a little later then usual, but it will be nice to cuddle up on the couch on this snowy night. Digorno Pizza and Movie time.

One last thing before I go:

I am sooo excited about this and want to make sure all our followers know about this!

As promised, there are some big things happening here at Our Valentine's Day Surprise!

The very first of these big things is my first official "guest blogger" spot for this coming Tuesday (Jan 29th)! Be sure to check it out and "add" my dear friend Urban Flowerpot to your reading list and like her on FB so you can be sure to get the latest updates AND know the instant we make a guest appearance.

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