Thursday, January 31, 2013

Money Saving with Coupons

I am a stay at home mom and I like to save money, and if by saving money I can continue to stay home then by golly that is my goal. Every penny counts in this house!

I've always been a saver, but not so much a couponer or bargain shopper. There was just once a time in our lives when we were both gainfully employed and could just do things without much consideration to a financial impact on us. That changed for us back in 2008 when due to a shaky economy we were faced with a huge loss of income when dear hubby's job took a hit and there wasn't enough work... No work = no pay.

It was then that I learned the art of bargain shopping and coupons. Really its a no brainer and really something that I should have been doing all along, but it (admittedly) can be time consuming. Growing up my grandmother clipped coupons often. Cost of living was high for them as well due to my grandfather's healthcare needs.

This week was/is a great week for bargains because one of the periodic Proctor & Gamble coupon inserts was included. What can you expect from Proctor & Gamble' coupon insert? Typically some of your most popular (read: expensive) household products, included laundry detergent and DIAPERS

I clipped my coupons, looked through my sale adds and planned my trips. I'll need to hit up four stores total this week: Target, Rite Aid, CVS and Giant. (You can make it work for you with less stores, because a lot of them feature the same items within a $1 or so difference, so it's best to consider gas mileage as well. For me, three of those four stores sit at the same intersection so it' worth it for me.) My first trip was to Target (which is the furthest away, but had THE BEST deal on most of the items, and I had to go that way anyway thanks to a not so fabulous mail carrier who refused to deliver a certified letter and the crappy Post Office that insisted I come pick it up - long story, bottom line...LAZY on the mail carrier's part.) The rest I will do the rest of my shopping likely this coming Friday.

But for now, here is a recap of my Target trip -

Out of our wallet, I spent $96.08 - I got $30 in FREE products which included Digiorno Pizza, Pediasure, 6 Carter's Onesies, a bottle of Irish Spring body wash and a 2 liter of Pepsi. In addition to what I got FREE, I saved $46.82 with coupons and the 5% off for using my Target debit card.

Let's to the math, with no coupons and discounts and freebies, I would have spent $172.90 on this  shopping trip. (Which to put things in perspective, included 2 cases of diapers and 2 cases of wipes along with our most used grocery items.) $172.90!!!! I only paid $96.08! That's a savings of 44%!

Clearly I am by no means an "extreme" couponer and have yet to get my entire order for free, but this is one of my best trips. And last week I saved $100 off my grocery budget by meal planning based on the current sales and a few coupons! 

I'll keep you posted on how the remaining three stores go.

Tell me, what are your best money saving tips?

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  1. Me again. Pediasure coupons?! Where? How? I have never found Pediasure coupons?

  2. There was one in the P&G coupon insert (1/27/13) for $1 off. I used it at Target, there was also $1 off coupon on the 6-pack and I got TWO catalina's that printed for a $1 off each. I noticed in my shopping that right now it seems several of the Pediasure 6-packs have $1 off coupons on them.

    I will keep my eyes peeled for more. I know we rarely saw them before. And if I find any I will message you asap!

  3. I'll watch the P&G insert, and now that you mention it, we did get one via catalina this week, I meant to take it to Sam's to see if they would take the store coupon. We get our Pediasure at Sam's it's $37 for a case for the Fiber, or about $1.50 a bottle. Which is still a better deal than a $1 off at TGT. I know Sam's takes mfg coupons, just not so sure they take store coupons. If they don't, I'm happy to send my catalina ones to you.

    I love that you know all the coupon jargon. My career was spent as a marketer in the Consumer Goods're making me feel like I'm in a promotions meeting. LOL. Although, we call inserts, FSI (Free Standing Insert)

    1. That's an awesome price! Target and Walmart both carry their own brand of Pediasure now, we've used that a few times and haven't noticed any difference. I am not sure how it compares cost wise to Sam's though.

      My BJ's membership is up for renewal so I might have to consider Sam's...BJ's prices are just average to me.

      I would be glad trade coupons with you also, should I find more in the sale inserts, and if Sam's wont take the catalinas.